Saturday, May 11, 2013

But it's fun. Inspired by Hayling Fun Fair

Whiplash whipping around corners
Loop the loop, internal organs external
Centrifugal force a glimpse of facelifts to come
And then the Drop, 40 feet of entrails like streamers
"I thought I was going to throw up"
A voice in thrilled tones
"Me too! Let's do it again" it's twin replies
Screams fill the air
Terror and delight in equal measure
And slowly the crowd grows
Excited kids
Parents preparing themselves
Loud bad pop from speaker trees
And always more screams
Spinning, falling, flying, twisting,
The day goes by with echoes of Pinnochio and braying asses
And all the time racing children and flustered parents
At last a tinny, disembodied voice
"This park is closing in 15 minutes, please make your way to the exit"
And tired, badly packaged children ride pack horse parents towards the car park
Heads full of teacups, flumes and Klondike Goldmines.
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