Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The end.

This is the 151st entry on Inclined to Ramble. I'm not famous for my sticking power at anything creative and this is something of a record for me. However life changes and somethings have had their season.

16 October saw the birth of my son, Harry James Samuel Bangs. It was a very different affair to my daughter Molly's birth. She came one week early by emergency ceasarean which was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. When it reaches the point where an emergency operation is necessary, as the father you drop to the bottom of the list of priorities. I was left standing in a waiting room outside an operating theatre for 20 minutes but it seemed like hours. Two minutes to get into a gown and cap and 18 minutes to let my imagination rn wild on all the awful things that could be happening. Until that point I'd viewed my imagination as my best friend, writing and drawing were almost as essential to me as breathing and eating. After that point creative acts became increasingly difficult, I started little and finished even less.

Harry's birth was a very different thing, I was there from the start, helping and supporting through the entire labour in it's glorious technicolour. Thanks to a wonderful midwife I was able to help my son into this world rather than stand by helplessly and it feels like something has changed because of that. My imagination again feels like a friend, ideas are running sure and fast and for the first time in a long time I feel the need to "do" rather than just think about "doing".

Seven years with my daughter Molly has been a wonderful experience and I look forward with anticipation to all the years ahead. Looking back from this point I can see I focused my creativity into building an entertaining and imaginative world for her to live in. I think I was scared to aim it anywhere else.

Harry is nearly two weeks old now and he is a thoroughly entertaining young man. He's poo'd on me, pee'd on me and deprived me of many hours of sleep and I love him for it. He pulls an endless variety of silly faces and makes many daft noises that keep me laughing all the time. He's also made me realise it's time for a change and change is good.

Part of the reason for this blog was to look at my creativity and understand what was happening to it. In the course of the last 150 posts I've looked at things that inspire me, looked at family as a source for inspiration and an excuse for inactivity and posted some of the things I've managed to do.

Now it's time to move forward. I have committed to Karen to complete a kids book by her next birthday. Karen is scarier than any editor ever and so I have to do it. I wants somewhere to document this. I've had a lot of fun sketching outdoors and want somewhere to show these off. I've enjoyed writing reviews of comics and books I've enjoyed so I want to continue that somewhere. So with all that in mind it's goodbye blogger and hello my own website. The sensible thing would be to set up the website first and then link to it from here. I'm not strong on sensible though so here's a picture of Harry instead

and look out for one last post in the next week.