Saturday, May 17, 2008


I've been fairly quiet on the impending arrival of Child Bangs # 2, because, frankly, there's been too much going on that's kept me away from Rambling. Littlenose, as the baby is being called until we find out the sex, is approximately 16 weeks old now and doing fine. We had a scan a couple of weeks ago and discovered only that the baby has my nose (large) and is perfectly in proportion for it's age. Karen, however, has had a lousy time with sickness throughout the 1st trimester and has carried this over into the second, not helped by a virus that did the rounds of the whole family and a very unpleasant cold she's still hanging on too. At least the sickness is now improving. This has meant that I've had to pick up the slack on everything from school runs to washing, housework and looking after Karen. Not a complaint by the way as she's picked up my slack on many an occasion. Then this weekend just past I've had some stupid virus that completely wiped me out. There's more to say on our impending parenthood but there's not been either the time or energy to say it. More will follow though.

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