Monday, March 03, 2008

What's happening today

Hopefully today, my sister comes home after spinal surgery. She went in a week ago and is expected to be sent home today after a successful operation. It has kind of thrown a lot of other things into a lesser light, particularly because my sister, Lindsey, lives in Australia so our understanding of what's gone on is second, third or even fourth hand by the time we get information. The time difference makes communication difficult but I have managed to speak to Lindsey a couple of times and to her husband Paul as well and word seems to be generally positive.

I've got this week off work and hope to split it fairly evenly between drawing and house related jobs. I'd have liked to spend the entire week drawing to be honest but with Karen at home for a couple of those days I've graciously accepted that's not going to happen and I'm going to have to show a little familial responsibility. Still, today's been pretty good on that front and I've been pretty productive. I recently got Illustrator and have done the linework of two pictures on there today. They were my first go with Illustrator and I'm finding vectors to be a strange beast indeed compared to drawing in Photoshop or Painter. They'll have colour added before I even consider showing them in public. On top of that I've inked a page and a half of my Western cartoon strip and hope to have at least the first three pages finished by the end of the week. Finally, after dropping Molly at school, I ventured into Riverside Park and froze my fingers to the bone doing a couple of quick sketches. If I can maintain this level of productivity for the rest of the week it should be a good week.

Also I watched my first ever episodes of Armstrong and Webb on the BBC Iplayer and was mightily amused. The show is more "Fast Show" than "Little Britain" which is good by me as "The Fast Show" was the last sketch to make me laugh out loud.

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