Sunday, February 24, 2008

My blog is like a cyberman

Upgraded that is. I love Firefox and the scribefire add on that makes blogging so easy. No need to log in to Dashboard,i just click on an icon on the bottom of my browser. Now in the right hand column I've added a soundtrack courtesy of Finetune. Pick 45 tracks and embed them in your blog with a simple piece of code. The music is all jazz so if you don't like jazz, don't click on it. The other nice thing about the player is the autoplay code is optional. I hate visiting a site and being met with music I dislike and having to disable the player before I can continue to browse. I like choice. A playlist on a site can enhance your understanding of the site or it's contributors but if the music isn't as much to your taste as their written postings you may not want to listen. It's about choice.

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