Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year

Well like many people I started the year by taking stock and reviewing various parts of my life and considering resolutions. Last year was not a bad year all in all. It had it's low points, some of which were very low, but artistically particularly it was a pretty good year.

Sensibly this year I kept my resolutions simple. Last year I drew more than I have in probably the last five, this year I intend to draw more. I'm not setting myself goals such as drawing daily as they seem to suck the pleasure out of drawing. My other resolution is a little more difficult. It's to follow a creative idea through to the end, not give up. Somewhere along the line I forgot that for most of us who have the creative desire it's 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration and while it's fun it's also requires work to create something.

I have aims for the year though, ideas I want to follow through,

There's a western, "2000 miles", which is currently a story outline waiting to happen. Probably in comic form and 16 pages."A horde of winter gods" is a supernatural love story, there's an idea for a kids book that I've been batting around in my head for several years now and finally there are a couple of pictures (paintings) living in my head at the moment that need to come out. There may be a story to go with them, I'm not entirely sure.

Of course I hit a first bump within days of the new year starting. Climbing into the loft to put the Christmas Decorations away I managed to slice open the little finger on my drawing hand almost down to the first joint. So everytime I try to do something I'm more worried about banging my finger and the accompanying pain and when I forget to worry I inevitably hit it and end up with my eyes watering from the pain. It's still hard to believe something so stupid could hurt so much.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2008 !!!

paulhd said...

You look after that finger Pete!
Good luck with wring more out of 2008, I'm sure you'll do it.
Did you know that the next AccentUK (who did the Zombie and Robot books) anthology is Westerns? I don't think they've got a full line up of people yet so if you want to drop them a line to see if they'll save space for you they're at The deadline's not until October for finished work so you'll have plenty of time.