Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marvel Zombies

Comics fans are a funny bunch, they scream and howl and threaten boycotts but never stop buying their Marvel fix. The latest "outrage" to upset Marvel fans has been the resetting of Marvel continuity to remove the "Spider-Man marriage". The man in charge at Marvel, one Joe Quesada, has whipped the fans into a frenzy of polarised hate it love it ecstasy. As with everything that's happened in Marvel comics since Stan Lee hired fans as writers everything is tied to this obsession with continuity. Spider-Man never got married and some 20 years worth of story are no longer canon and as such no one knows for sure what continuity is anymore.

I've always been more of a story fan than a continuity fan. I like a good story where the character behaves true to himself. Having Spider-Man start using a gun would not be true to the character, having Spider-Man make a deal with the Devil would not be true to the character. As I understand it Spider-Man didn't make the deal, Mary Jane did out of her love for Peter Parker and his Aunt. It may have been a crappy story but it was true to character in both cases. Mary Jane's story has mostly been about what she's willing to sacrifice for Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

More importantly perhaps, the stories still exist. If you choose to reread a certain set of stories then Pete and Mary Jane are still married and in that sense always will be.

Most importantly, "Brand New Day" was a good Spider-Man story. Dan Slott wrote a good story with many classic Spider-Man moments. I haven't really read Spider-Man for some twenty years or more but I read "Brand New Day" and I enjoyed it.

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