Thursday, November 22, 2007


I wanted to avoid the usual suspects for a Illustration Friday entry on superstition so I googled around and found a superstition I liked. Apparently for every falling leaf you catch you get one month's good luck. Hence the picture.


zari - justZHM said...

love this superstition! original illo!

Larry Lee said...

The way the leaves are falling around here (Northeast Ohio) I can bank a lot of luck.
Original take on the topic.

Kathleen said...

That's lovely! In Queensland there's a superstition for the same time of year (our spring) that if you are hit by a falling jacaranda flower you will do well on all your exams (or possibly fail, depending on which version you subscribe to).

paulhd said...

Good for you for having an interesting take. I could think of doing anything other than drawing a black cat. And I didn't want to draw a black cat.
Nice drawing too, light and open, perfect for the subject.