Sunday, November 11, 2007

Harold Gray

Harold Gray is one of those artists I've only come to appreciate as I've got older and been able to recognise the craft behind his superficially awkward figure work and scarey blank eyed characters. I'm not sure how to describe Gray's politics because everything I've read on him seems to have a different view on where he stood politically, but idealogically he was very conservative, seemed to see things very much in black and white and comes across as a staunch traditionalist and indivdualist. I imagine he had little time for the hippies who were so prominent in the USA when he died in 1968 which is what made the picture below such a curiousity.

Published by Lund Humphries, A Century of Posters puts this image as circa 1970. To my eye it could have been drawn by Harold Gray, although I am sure there are scholars out there who could say for sure, but the image of a fingerclicking Daddy Warbucks in pinstriped and flared Levis, doing a can can on his armchair, must be one that would have Gray turning in his grave.

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