Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm not a fan of reality shows, talk shows and fly on the wall documentaries as a whole but PostSecret is very different. PostSecret is like looking into the windows you pass while driving or riding on a train and briefly glimpsing an intimate moment of a stranger. It's anonymous and a little voyeuristic but carries an immense amount of emotion in every card. It's as if every life has the dramatic and emotional highs and lows of a classic 40's movie, there are hints of the last moments of Casablanca, Mrs Minerva and The Ghost and Mrs Muir. There are sad secrets and happy secrets and secrets that are like barbed wire around your heart.

PostSecret is one of those things the word "poignant" was created for

Look at the ad for the book

PostSecrets video

Look at the website

PostSecret blog

or buy the book

PostSecret book

Which ever you do have the tissues to hand.

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