Sunday, October 28, 2007

Insert foot

sometimes, in support of the people I care about, I have a habit of opening my mouth without thinking things through. This is not new failing on my part, when I was 12 or so years old my dad gave me a card that said "engage brain before opening mouth" so that's at least 30 years.

My wife, Karen, has many good points, her unfaltering faith in the innate goodness of people and her willingness to help anyone being two of the most prominent. She is a Christian by faith and a pretty good example of one by and large in her dealings with the people around her. This unfortunately makes me all the more protective when someone takes advantage of her good nature, screws her over or otherwise upsets her.

My personal experience with the members of Karen's Church has been that they are good people who are fortunate enough to have something to believe in above and beyond the corporeal. Unfortunately there are always a few who wear their belief like a badge of superiority and, to be frank, have their head so far up their own arse that they do for Christianity what Osama Bin Laden has done for the Muslim Faith.

One such person, waving his godliness like a big stick with which to chastise others, has recently caused a great deal of upset within her church before leaving in high dudgeon. He caused Karen a great deal of sadness and took advantage of her good nature, although she doesn't see it that way. He got Karen teaching his son to play drums, which she was happy to do, and borrowed a library book from her which had drumming exercises in it. He then promptly misplaced the library book and ignored several requests for it's return, leaving Karen to deal with the embarrassment of telling the library she no longer had the book and was unable to return it and to deal with the financial implications of paying any fine to replace the book. I would have been happy to write this off as sheer thoughtlessness and stupidity on his part but for the fact the man has a website and a blog where he rants on and on about God's ideals and living in God and how blessed he is by God and the complete perfidy of this sanctimonious buffoon is impossible to stomach.

So this afternoon I left a comment on his blog pointing out that I was pleased he had such a good relationship with his God and what a shame he couldn't bring the same ideals into his dealings with the people around him. This action did not sit well with Karen however. Fortunately he has his blog set so he gets to approve every comment before it's published so I doubt it will be seen on his blog. Hopefully the comment will prick his conscience although, judging by his behaviour to date, he will more likely throw his toys out of the pram once more, striking out at those around him.

I should have thought of that before commenting but it would seem I'm still impulsive in defense of friends and family.

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