Monday, October 15, 2007

Indio Poster art

One of my favourite forms of art is advertising poster art. I'm a big fan of the classic poster art of the 30's and 40's for air and sea travel, the London Underground posters and the European car manufacturers posters of that time as well. The combination of a clear message and a striking graphic has always struck me as an impressive skill that is somewhat lacking in many of todays artists and illustrators working in the field. There are great poster artists out there but many seem to work in niches now, photography has pushed them out of the "mainstream".

Now this bit seems to go off on a tangent a bit but bear with me. I have a site counter on Inclined to Ramble that gives me info and statistics on visitors and one visitor who's been back a time or two comes from, according to their ip address, Indio, California. Now the novelty of knowing thast someone half a world away is even glimpsing at my ramblings is quite a novelty so I googled Indio, California and it seems to be a pretty art loving town. It has some stunning wall murals and what appears to be a massive annual arts festival and each year the festival has a poster. See you knew I'd get back to the point eventually.

The posters are uniformlly stunning and featured below is my personal favourite.

If your taste lies towards such posters I heartily recommend you check out the rest through Southwest Arts Festival Posters

And if you're in Indio and reading this, thanks very much for dropping by.

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