Monday, October 08, 2007

DIY (Sketchpads that is)

One of the bug bears for the more reserved artist, like myself, is how to sketch in public without drawing attention to yourself, (pun intended). The moleskine is the smallest quality sketchpad I've so far managed to find but even that can be a bit obvious when you're out and about working in it. Then I found this website, thanks Stumble Upon, and I have sketch pads for all occasions in all sizes for a fraction of the cost a Moleskine.

Make your own sketchpad

These are pictures of my first book, I found 3 or more signatures works better as it's easier to sew them tightly.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and using off-cuts from a printer at work and odds and sods lying around the house I have a hand sewn 32 page hardback sketchpad that fits perfectly in my pocket, total cost £1.10 and an hour of my time.

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