Tuesday, October 02, 2007

blues, illustration friday

Blues was a good one to start with. The image is nothing groundbreaking but it's a start. As confidence grows so will the quality of the work, hopefully.

Naturally I stuffed things up so the thumbnail appears twice. Still it's out there so that's something. Next time better drawing.


Craig Lamberton said...

very effective illustration.. it sums up the subject matter well.

Peter Bangs said...

kind words for my first entry so very much appreciated Craig.

delaverobum said...

Simple but beautiful!

Ellen said...

Very powerful piece! Great job!

Kelly said...

Hi, Peter -

Thanks for your kind words on my blog - I'm glad you picked up on the darkness of night and the blue... I'm going to post about that whole topic in the next few days. The paper I used was animation bond, not board, and it's simply a paper that I use for most everything, as I'm an animator. It has a wonderful texture, although it's very subtle and almost velvety. It's available at cartooncolour.com and is known as Ingram Animation Bond and if I'm not mistaken, the bond refers to its weight. It is heavy enough to take a beating and erase, but light enough to allow for seeing through many layers.

Also, I like your IF entry - cold and lonely, indeed.

Good luck,