Saturday, September 15, 2007

destruction as stress relief

Work at the moment is a nightmare. My new boss is very young and doing a job that was mis-sold to her. She wqas hired as a marketing manager by a director who came into the very insular and hide bound ( I think that's the term) public transport industry from outside on a fasttrack to somewhere else. The marketing post has not previously involved an awful lot of marketing, it was mostly ensuring that internal and external communications needs were met. The public had timetables and the press were dealt with. The progressive director who thought we should be doing marketing and wanted a marketing manager left and now my boss is at the mercy of colleagues and management who feel she isn't doing her job properly, because she's doing the job she was hired for rather than the one the post needed. This has lead her to make quite a few errors and errors in other peoples view. This is leading to a great deal of backstabbing, bitching, moaning and general bad feeling. If I had an office to myself that would be bad enough but, unfortunately, I'm stuck in an open plan office that is also a through fare for a lot of folks looking to share an opinion.

So over the last week I've noticed I'm drinking more. Not to excess, 2 or three bottles of beer a night, but I felt I was going a bit crazy if I drank 2 or 3 bottles a week previously and a several hundred percent increase is not a good thing. Anyway, today I'm home alone, the girls are out having a girly shopping afternoon. I was aware our front garden was overgrown and verging on a jungle, so I went out and hacked a whole load of vegitation to the ground. There are now three big piles of garden detritus in a much tidier front garden awaiting disposal, I can hardly see from the sweat dripping in my eyes and I feel so much better for the exhertion. The urge to scream is gone, as is the urge for a beer, although I may have one tonight, and my mind feels much clearer.

The question of course is, was it the destruction or the activity that made me feel better. I'm hoping the destruction because if it was the activity then there's a point to excercise after all.


Malathionman said...

Hey Peter,

Happy Birthday. I came by your blog browsing favorites. Thought I would leave a comment. I'm afraid it was the exercise. I have found it works better than the beer. Sorry.


Peter Bangs said...

damn, Now I'm going to have to think about doing more. Thanks Mal