Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Comics Britannia

Finally saw the first part of comics Britannia last night and I have to say I was mightily impressed. The comics panel framing of interviewees worked suprisingly well and the background on DC Thompson, Beano and Dandy and the wonderful artists who worked there, Dudley Watkins and Leo Baxendale particularly, was in depth enough to avoid the "pow zap" approach of many comics related documentaries and newspaper articles. My appreciation for the penmanship of some of these British Cartoonists has grown considerably over the past few years as I've come to appreciate how much harder it is to create non-photographic style artwork that is clear and consistent.

The show was well put together and nicely covered the politics involved in the publishing world as Watkins was exempted from military service because he was more valuable drawing for DC Thompson, and how Baxendale was stiched up by various publishers as he tried to get some sort of reasonable control over and recompense for his work.

Dudley Watkins penwork leaves me in awe.

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paulhd said...

really enjoying this. Did hear someone moan that it was going to be about crappy old comics, which just saddened me enormously as there's some rich history and great work - nice to see David Law amongst the great artists, I love his work (quite an influence on the Simian Smith comic version) and think he gets over shadowed by his creation. It's the annoying flip side of comics as literature, the very thought that they can be for kids is seen as an insult.
Blown away by the current Broon artist's house last night too. I think I could possibly kill to live there:)