Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Big Blue

The wife has a rating system for movies based on "The Big Blue". we disagreed on whether the ending was happy or depressing. I felt it was a positive ending but Karen thought it was pretty darned depressing and started to rate movies on that basis, hence Solaris was a Big Blue Movie(BBM) and last night Danny Boyle's Sunshine was a BBM. Maybe it's a male/female thing but any movie where the leads defeat a psychotic villain, reignite the sun and save the Earth, that's a positive ending. Admittedly they all died, some pretty horribly, but they achieved a greater good. For Karen, however, everyone dying makes for a sad ending.

So the rating system goes like this

BBM +3 A film where everyone starts off dead and it goes down hill from there
BBM +2 A film where everyone dies at the end
BBM +1 A film where it would be better if everyone had died
BBM The Big Blue. A movie where one or more main character dies
BBM -1 A film where the main character ends up very depressed
BBM -2 A film where everyone survives but with some change. A Hollywood blockbuster
BBM -3 A Hollywood Rom-com

It needs some refining but thisis what we're currently working from.

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