Tuesday, August 07, 2007


This is another fine book. Kevin Huizenga was someone I knew by reputation only prior to this splendid hardback volume and this was an expensive impulse purchase that really paid off. Huizenga's art style lies somewhere between that of Herge and L Z Segar but his writing is what makes the book more than anything. Working through a literary alter ego, Glenn Ganges, Huizenga takes elements of autobiography and weaves them together with the spiritual and the mythological yet remains fully grounded in a way the same material would not do in the hands a more fanastic writer. Huizenga retells Le Fanu's "Green Tea" within the context of events his lead character is living through, the appearance of a ghost dog and tells the tale of a golfing buddy and theological professor who is concerned for his spiritual welfare and rethinks his idea of hell based on his meetings with Glenn Ganges. The best tribute to the strength of Huizenga's storytelling is that the book bears up well on subsequent readings and will probably become one of a small number I read each year.

Kevin Huizenga has a handful of strips on line at his USS Catastrophe site

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