Sunday, December 10, 2006

Look and Learn

When I was a nipper there were comics you wanted, like Valiant and Tiger and Mighty World of Marvel, and there were the books your parents wanted you to have, the prime example of that group being look and learn. I saw very few issues of look and learn, my parents understood the importance of Johnny Cougar and Captain Hurricane over the Indsutrial Revolution and the history of pantomime, and must admit to being greatly bored by the issues I saw. Even The Trigun Empire seemed somewhat staid next to seminole wrestlers and California Highway Patrolmen (Zip Nolan?). yesterday the Guardian included a free copy of the best of Look and Learn and, even from the position of my now advanced years, I cannot imagine a 7 to 14 year old kid who would be interested in it. Even on newsprint the magazine is a thing of beauty with a classic layout and design and quality illustration that truely deserves the glossy paper printing promised for the regular magazine and I was fascinated by many of the articles, but I'm 42 not 14 and the original target for this magazine was that spotty preteen nerd that answered all the science questions on "Ask the Family". The producers have sensibly aimed this at the nostalgia market though so who knows, it could be successful. Any 7 to 14 year old who wants the info in the magazine will find it better and faster on the internet however and look strangely at the parents and grandparents trying to push this antique on them.

An interesting aside however. The much lauded Trigun Empire is apparently now owned by DC comics. Maybe they should consider archive editions of that, they'd be the firt Archives I'd be prepared to buy.

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alastair said...

I used to stay at an older cousin's home during holidays in the 70's. The closest thing they had to a comic was look n' learn. I remember getting so into the Trigun Empire that I begged for the full length version that christmas. I can never find anything about it online anymore, so I will be interested to see if DC do anything with it.