Thursday, December 21, 2006

Comics economics

the collecting obsession has grown weaker as I've gotten older. Once upon a time I would follow any superhero I liked through whatever came along, feast or famine, fair or foul, just for the sake of a complete run. I read the Pittsburg JLA for god's sake and, nostalgia aside, they were crap characters in crap stories!

These days I read what I like and if I don't like what the creator are doing I don't read it. I love Daredevil but didn't like Bendis' writing so I didn't read it. Love Batman but psycho Batman did nothing for me and so I've read little of it since Post Dark Knight grim and gritty transformed into unstable psychopath.

Further, sheer economics stopped me picking up the Brubaker Captain America, Morrisons Batman and various others. £2+ a pop was outside my budget. Many times have i seen suggestions that, six months or so later, Marvel and DC should reprint each months output in an essentials style collection for the reader, perhaps by family, rather than the collector so that cheap colour or black and white reprints were available to draw people in to the world of Batman or Superman or The Avengers. In this country we already have something similar, Panini/Titan monthly collections 3 issues for £2.50/£2.60 of top us titles. Titan have just released first issues of Marvel Legends, with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man and Batman Legends, reprinting All Star, Morrison's Batman and Batman/Superman (World's Finest?)I've not read them yet. Brubaker's Captain America is the main reason for buying either but I'm intrigued to see what's happening with these old friends. I'll let you know what I think.

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paulhd said...

Seeing as Cap is a character I love to see done well I picked up the 1st Brubaker collection and enjoyed it very much. Bendis is not good, but I do urge you to have a look at Brubaker and Lark's 1st DD collection, very good indeed.