Sunday, November 19, 2006


Still got a killer stress headache that's been here since thursday but the mood has improved. Spent much of yesterday morning making a fairy princess castle with Molly

A very girly affair as you can see and I have to take responsibility for the Barbie covered walls.

Then last night watched the latest Robin Hood. Karen and I seem to be the only people we know enjoying it as most people seem put off by the modern day touches such as last night's Arthur Daly style Pawn Merchant. Karen and I are more intrigued by Robin's character arc as he goes from smug and cocky lord of the manor on a journey towards, hopefully, serious outlaw and freedom fighter. Last night with the death of three more of his "men" and Marion agreeing to marry Guisborne saw his cocky grin take a bit of a battering and I'm hoping this is the direction he's going. The highlight is the pro law and order speech from Keith Allen each week. Allen is obviously enjoying himself as this deeply twisted and nasty character, He's very much in the mould of Alan Rickman's Sheriff but with a greater humanity, afforded by a weekly show and hence less a pantomime character. Allen's sherriff is a coward at heart but willing to fight for his money if he has to and when it comes to manipulating people? When he set Guisborne after Marion, talking of the knife twisting in Guisborne's back after she betrayed him, Allen embued the speech with a mixture of glee and shared hurt that made you wonder about what had made him the man he is. Impressive.

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