Sunday, October 01, 2006

The joy of painting.

In between painting the ceiling I've been trying to get back into acrylic painting. I've always liked acrylic for non-photorealistic work (not that I can paint in a photorealistic manner anyway). Acrylic produces a quality of colour that seems ideally suited to some styles of illustrative art and in a moment of wild foolishness I decided time had come to give it a go (again). So I tried it on very heavy acrylic paper, hated it. I tried it on watercolour paper (300lbs) and hated it. Tried it on acrylic/oil board, hated it.

So I'm flicking through some of the many books I have when I come across mentions of paintings done on masonite. Masonite it says, is a smooth surface ideal for oil and acrylic work. It's not archival but has a fairly decent lifespan. The only thing it doesn't say is what masonite is.

Well through the magic of google and wikipedia it turns out that masonite is just a type of MDF. so that's what I'm trying next.

Which in turn lead to my thought for the day. No one really appreciates what an artist has to work through before he even gets pen/brush to paper.

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