Monday, September 11, 2006


This week end I turned 42 (FORTY TWO). Unexpectedly I find myself to be okay about it. I was woken about 9.30am with presents from the family and a breakfast of croissants and fresh apple juice, after which there was a pirate themed treasure hunt for my presents from Karen and Molly. We followed that with a picnic, a visit to a local working farm museum and a jungle/river advenuture as we went for a hike through the woods chasing bears and monsters, hugging and climbing trees, taking lots of photo's, playing spot the dinosaur in a smelly creek and generally being very silly. When we eventually got home we had a curry and a drop of Porter and watched Xtra Factor in all it's excruciating glory. IT WAS A GOOD BIRTHDAY. I would wish all my birthday's were this relaxed and fun.