Friday, August 04, 2006

other people's funerals

Today I attended the funeral of a work colleague I had never met as an active participant.

The colleague, a man my age, passed away in his sleep, and his manager, as you always do, said to the grieving family "If there's anything we can do?" That anything turned out to be arrange to project some dvd'd tributes at the service and the job fell to me as the only person in the company even vaguely technology competent. (I'm no great shakes but I can work these things out).

So today I found myself sat with the family at the front of the service with a laptop, projector, screen and two dvds.

I have been thanked so many times by various members of the family for an act, that to me at least, seems so insignificant that I feel alternately supremely humbled and supremely awkward.

An act of kindness towards strangers but I would rather the need had never existed.

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