Saturday, July 15, 2006

reality blends

I don't know what it's like for the rest of the world, most of the people in my most immediate circles seem to live for sport and music, but every so often I read something that seems like the author had a window into my head. First was a toss up between Tarzan and Jerry Cornelius, both classic outsiders but one powerful and the other often powerless and an observer in his own life. Later there was Matt Wagner's Mage, about a man who slides through life and avoids involvement until it is thrust upon him and he finds the world is all the better because of the people you let in, even when it hurts.

These days it's Carla Speed MacNeil's Finder. A less than simple tale of a man who helps people in the way they need but is never welcome or wanted anywhere.

Damn I like outsider fiction. Apart from that though these books got me where I live on a mystical level that most outsdider fiction never managed, books like Bruce Chatwin's Songlines hit that same feeling of a mystical feeling in a mundane world. They're about seeing something in your peripheral vision that couldn't and shouldn't exist but somehow you're sure it does.

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