Sunday, July 23, 2006

no time and other excuses

So I read these art blogs like and it seems like every day yet another person is using their blog to show a daily drawing, and I think to myself each time, where do they find the time and why can't I find the time? Unlike most questions about life this one had an easy answer. The time is easy to find if you stop looking for ways to avoid doing something. I love drawing but, like most artists, I've not a great deal of confidence in my work and, for some time now, have avoided drawing rather than face the disappointment of another picture that doesn't meet my own stringent standards.

Last weekend I had to do two things I don't usually enjoy. One was a quick visti to our local B & Q DIY depot and the other was attend a church BBQ. DIY and Social situations come very low down my list of pleasurable ways to spend time. But I'm getting in the habit of taking a Moleskine sketch pad with me when I go out and in 10 minutes in the B & Q car park I had two fairly competent sketches finished and in 40 minutes at the BBQ I had two fairly competent drawings done. I found time. I FOUND TIME!

I can do it if I try. Here are the two drawings

Man at B&Q. I identified with his slouching and defeated posture. He looked liek he was being pressured into doing something when he'd rather have been in the garden with a cold beer.

A tree growing out of the remains of a house that had been gone at least 50 years.

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paulhd said...

Agree with all this post! I'm still struggling with using my free time in a way that's creative and productive. Have you heard of illustration Friday?