Monday, July 24, 2006

An experiment

Eddie Campbell claims, possibly facetiously, that he checks google each morning to see what people are saying about him. I find myself wondering if he'll read this. If he does I hope you'll leave a comment Mr Campbell.

I've long been an admirer of Eddie Campbell and once spent two fruitless days at a UKcac(around 1986) shuttling between the bar and the Escape Stand trying to catch Eddie Campbell and get him to sign my copies of the first two Escape volumes of his works. I Followed Mr Campbells work through the twenty years since then, the early Bacchus, the Eyeball Kid, From Hell, Batman all the way through to The Fate of The Artist. I lent to original Escape books to a colleague and never saw them again. Eventually they were reprinted in a collected volume so I was okay.

I recall my frustration when he fled this country for Australia's sunnier climes, knowing my chance of getting a book signed had vanished because he was in a place I would never go. Discovering a history of champagne through the Tales of Bacchus and later wondering how much was true and how much was the work of the author and wondering that again when reading Fate of the Artist.

Eddie Campbell, if he still resides in Queensland, lives maybe 200km from my sister. If I ever do visit her I may spend some time tracking him down and finally getting a book signed after 20 years.


paulhd said...

Did I ever tell you that I had a curry with Eddie Campbell? It'd be a much better story if I'd actually managed to converse with him instead of just basking in his radiance. Still, managed to get Jason Cobley along with me so I've got a permanent mark in his good books.

Sean Phillips said...

I've had a curry with Eddie Campbell too, back when we worked on Hellblazer together.

max said...

He he, I sense a new variation on the Kevin Bacon Game, the Eddie Campbell curry game. I haven’t had curry with Eddie, but I bet I’ve had curry with some one who had curry with Eddie….hmmmm, who could….