Friday, April 14, 2006

Movie review

I've just watched "Bewitched" with Nichole Kidman and I can see why it received poor reviews in a lot of places. It was true to the spirit of the original rather than the superficial surface everyone remembers. Kidman channels the spirit of Elizabeth Montgomery beautifully without descending into a straight impersonation, the only question you're left with is why aren't men throwing themselves at her. The conceit of the film being about a TV company remaking the "Bewitched" series adds an extra level to the film with resonances bouncing back and forth as the real life reflects the TV series both directly and in a slightly twisted fashion. Even Will Ferrell, an actor/comedian I've never previously cared for, gives an impressive turn revelling in the inflated ego and attendant insecurities of his character.

The film's mistake was to appear in the midst of TV remake fever and not give everyone the nostalgia fest straight remake they expected. Suprisingly intelligent and clever for a popcorn movie despite the sugar coated ending.

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