Monday, April 17, 2006

day out at the farm

Had a family day out at a local living museum, Manor Park Farm, which is set up as a turn of the century (last one not this)working farm with animals and folk in period costume. Every now and then I'd take a few minutes to sketch in my beloved Moleskine sketch pad. The myth of their history aside these are wonderfully built, pocket size sketchpads which, even open, fit almost in the palm of the hand. So, if you're like me and a little shy about drawing in public, they are an ideal companion for a day out.

This was my favourite sketch from the day, partly because it caught the birds so well and partly because I rarely manage to put several images on a page and have it work so well.


lorraine said...

love the picture of the chickens.

aw said...

Very nice! I love chickens. The one on the left has excellent line movement!