Thursday, March 30, 2006

me and my number two girl Posted by Picasa

I'm not the most technologically minded of 40 year olds. I know guys older than me who can make HTML jump through hoops and do what ever they desire. That's not me unfortunately. I'm currently cock a hoop because I've just figured out how to email photos from my camera phone. I'm so pleased I thought I'd put the photo here.

Monday, March 27, 2006

so there's this fox and he's sitting on a garage

So there's this fox and he's sitting on a garage. He sees this woman and he falls in love but, being a fox, he's not too up on human courtship rituals so he says to the woman "marry me and I'll give you anything you want". And that's where it goes down hill because all she wants is the chance to talk, one last time, with the brother who died while she was still angry with him. And that's where you kick off from.

Oh and yeah, he's either a fox or a man but never anthropomorphised.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fox tales

I've spent a number of years attempting to put the square peg that is me into an artistic round hole. It is only in recent times that I've begun to accept my nature. So today I'm home alone, I've got AOL's folk channel playing in the background ( a diverse selection from Johnny Cash and The Be Good Tanyas to Bob Dylan to Dave Carter and Kate Rusby) and I'm thinking about the nature of animals in folk tales, specifically foxes. In Eastern and African fok tales the nature of the beast is fluid, sometimes it is an animal, sometimes an animal with human characteristics, sometimes human, sometimes human with animal characteristics and flows from one nature to the next. So I'm writing, trying to apply that to a love story about a woman and a fox and bring in the European idea of the fox living on it's wits and sometimes outwitting itself.

Writing cartoon strips, I have a certain number of touchstones. Fox sees woman, fox falls in love. Not knowing how to woo a woman the fox simply offers her her hearts desire. He tries to outwit her by offering her what she wants in exchange for her heart. Does it work out for him? I'm not sure yet. It's my journey as much as his. Are my creative muscles ready for something like this?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

changing face

Very busy few weeks but expected to slow down after this weekend, interview coming up for promotion. Mixed feelings about the whole thing. I've applied for my bosses job which I've been doing since she left. Colleagues, well meaning as they are, are already referring to it as "my"job as if these things were guaranteed. They don't seem to realise that the fact I've been doing the job doesn't mean I'm the best person for the job. Other applicants may have better qualifications or more experience or simply perform better in interview situations. My main thought at the moment is that at least I won't have to keep on doing two jobs for an extra pittance and working myself into the ground. I'm not big on metaphors but I'm really trying to keep too many balls in the air at the moment.