Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ramble v1.3

today was my second day off chocolate and I feel tired but normal. Yesterday was a very stressful day made worse by the absence of my pacifier of choice, chocolate. Of course not having the sugar rush of several cans of coke doubtless had it's effect too. Strangely I feel better. Good music always helps too as I discovered the Blind Boys of Alabama a handful of days ago.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ramble v1.2

My name's Pete, I'm a chocoholic. Today is my first day without chocolate. Cold turkey has not been fun, particularly for the poor folk who share an office with me. I have been, according to who was offering the opinion, ranging from slightly stressed to demonstrating a highlevel of gittishness. I will admit to being a little more volatile than usual.

ramble v1.1

Arguments and feelings. Women like men who talk about their feelings. Women view this as a sign that you are caring and loving. In my father's day the only time men talked about their feelings was when they were drunk or if they were trying to get sex. How the world changes.